Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thirsty Thursday Week 1

(Pumpin’ for Thursday has been replaced this year by “Thirsty Thursday”. The best drinking times most people had in college took place on Thursday, the night before the day only freshman and MBA students scheduled classes. While it’s not the best chance for a “social encounter” the stay at home drinking game is always an economical way to get plastered and if there’s college football on what better setting for a drinking game. Mr. Prime Rib of Pageantry will help you each week by setting some rules for your “Thirsty Thursday” drinking game)

NC State at South Carolina (-11.5), Over/Under (47.5)

Take a sip…

Every time you hear the words “Ole Ball Coach”.

Every time you hear the words “Tom O’Brien” and “rebuilding job” in the same sentence.

Every time a school besides NC State or South Carolina is mentioned

Take two sips…

Whenever Chris Folwer stops rambling about the other 117 teams in Division I and starts calling the game again.

Every time you hear the words “Boston College”.

Chug if…

If the “Gamecocks” are ever referred to as “undersized” (after giggling of course)

If you flip over to Barack Obama’s speech and he doesn’t say “Hope”, “Change”, or “tax breaks for the rich” before you have to flip back.

Do a Keg Stand if…

If someone mentions that the football scenes for “The Program” was filmed at Williams-Brice Stadium

If Steve Spurrier does that thing with his lips that he used to do when he coached the Redskins.

Buy a Round if…

NC State covers the 11.5 and the Under. Wait until South Carolina’s offense covers an 11.5 point spread before putting money on it.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Welcome to Mr. Prime Rib of Pageantry!

The Pride and The Pageantry is now Mr. Prime Rib of Pageantry!

The truth is I was never really married to the name "The Pride and The Pageantry", it was a little too poetic for what I was really looking to do with this blog. Which is cover college football in an irreverent fashion. Yet, for the first year, I did exactly the opposite. I broke down stats and rankings and picked games and did a lot of stuff that a lot of other people do better. What I have is a sarcastic wit and I think this name better reflects it. So where does it come from?

Zoolander, the ill-timed comedy that had at least six laugh out loud moments and is an enjoyable rainy day movie whenever its on. When Derek Zoolander receives thanks from the Prime Minister of Malayasia, he acknowledges him as "Mr. Prime Rib of Propecia". Substitute Propecia with the often used word to describe all intangible things college football, Pageantry, and you have the new title...Mr. Prime Rib of Pageantry.

With the name change comes an easier to use URL. No pausing to see if a comes before e or vice versa, because the word Pageantry isn't in the URL at all. It is simply

Also URL's show up on your address or location bar alphabetically. So visitors to Mr. Prime Rib of Pageantry will be reminded of the new address briefly before checking their Myspace. I know, devious.

Anyway I hope you enjoy Mr. Prime Rib of Pageantry as much if not more so than The Pride and The Pageantry as I aspire to covering college football with my tint of sarcasm, year round.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Who is Terrelle Pryor?

He is the consensus #1 Quarterback High School Prospect...

He draws comparisons to Vince Young...

He is the prototypical "Spread Offense" Quarterback.

He has a well produced video...

He's also a pretty good basketball player...

His school choices appear to be narrowed down to Ohio State, Michigan, Oregon, Penn State and Florida. But most people feel that his choice is between Ohio State and Michigan where Rich Rodriguez was recruiting him once to go to West Virginia to succeed Pat White.

Michigan fans are finding his connections to The Ohio State sketchy.

He's being guided in his recruiting process by Charlie Batch which is kind of like looking for law schools with Jackie Childs.

His choice is seen as the first contest for Rich Rodriguez against The Ohio State University and as a recruiter in general. If he is able to land Pryor away from Columbus it should make what some say will be a rebuilding year in Ann Arbor a little more tolerable.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Bertuccci's Bowling for Bowls Classic: BCS National Championship Game

Welcome to the Bertuccci's Bowling for Bowls Classic! brought to you by Bertuccci's...Bertuccci's, What's not to Love!

BCS National Championship Game

Location: Louisiana Superdome, New Orleans, Louisiana

Matchup: LSU (SEC Champ) vs. The Ohio State (Big 10 Champ)

Spread: LSU -3.5

Smartass Comment about the Bowl Itself: Isn't it strange that the most important game is the only one with an eponymous corporate sponsor? Where's Lay's Potato Chips at?

Thoughts: Because Ryan Perriloux didn’t get into a night club fight (that I know of), allowing Gary Crowton to use both his quarterbacks… Because I don’t think James Laurinatis will be able to tackle Jacob Hester… Because Les Miles will treat this like a home game and go for it on 4th and anything less than 4…Because it pretty much IS a home game for them…Because the administration at Michigan deserves to see the coach they never wanted dismantle their biggest rival…Because I picked them back in August…Because my brother doesn’t read this blog…and because when you’re head and your heart disagree its better to go with the former…

Pick: LSU

Confidence: 24 out of 32

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Bertuccci's Bowling for Bowls Classic: GMAC Bowl

Welcome to the Bertuccci's Bowling for Bowls Classic! brought to you by Bertuccci's...Bertuccci's, What's not to Love!


Location: Ladd-Peebles Stadium, Mobile, Alabama

Matchup: Bowling Green vs. Tulsa

Spread: Tulsa -5.5

Smartass Comment about the Bowl Itself: I find GMAC Bowl Sunday has become more about parties and the commercials than the actual game itself, still a uniquely American tradition.

Thoughts: This bowl has traditionally been an offensive shootout since the 2001 classic between Marshall and East Carolina that everyone who saw it remembers. This matchup promises to hold to that tradition. Tulsa's QB Paul Smith was second in the country in passing yardage. While Tulsa's pass defense ranked 108the nationally. That is the formula for a high scoring, pass filled shootout. The game features two coaches, Tulsa's Todd Graham and Bowling Green's Gregg Brandon who will likely be considered for bigger schools coaching jobs in 2009. I like Smith and the Golden Hurricane in a pinball game.

Pick: Tulsa

Confidence: 10 out of 32

Friday, January 4, 2008

Bertuccci's Bowling for Bowls Classic: International Bowl

Welcome to the Bertuccci's Bowling for Bowls Classic! brought to you by Bertuccci's...Bertuccci's, What's not to Love!

International Bowl

Location: Rogers Centre, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Matchup: Rutgers vs. Ball State

Spread: Rutgers -9

Smartass Comment about the Bowl Itself: It doesn't help our reputation across the globe that we export this one of all bowl games. And why isn't Mexico vying for this bowl or do I need to ask?

Thoughts: One thing I love about Ball State is that they have a player older than me. Which makes me feel better about my place in life. Brandon Crawford and the rest of the Ball State defense will be responsible for stopping Ray Rice in his last game. I almost never pick against Rutgers and don't see any reason to do here. The MAC, which used to be a breeding ground for great NFL players like Ben Roethlisberger and Byron Leftwich is down and has been down for a couple years now. I don't see the conference winning any bowl game, nonetheless this one.

Pick: Rutgers

Confidence: 23 out of 32

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Bertuccci's Bowling for Bowls Classic: FedEx Orange Bowl

Welcome to the Bertuccci's Bowling for Bowls Classic! brought to you by Bertuccci's...Bertuccci's, What's not to Love!

FedEx Orange Bowl

Location: Dolphin Stadium, Miami, Florida

Matchup: Kansas (At-Large) vs. Virginia Tech (ACC Champion)

Spread: Virginia Tech -3

Smartass Comment about the Bowl Itself: The arrow between the E and the X points you to insignificant victory.

Thoughts: Kansas will try to score its first win over a Top 25 team this season, IN A BCS BOWL GAME. That's all I need to know. And oh by the way Missouri won by thirty-one two days ago. I don't mind that Kansas is here because it gives us our own day to giggle at Mark Mangino several times and see if he found any new places to gain weight over banquet season.

Pick: Virginia Tech

Confidence: 26 out of 32